About Us

Our History

Pete the Plumber Inc. was started in 2004 by Pete and Amy St. Jean. Pete was a union plumber, Amy was an accountant working for other businesses. By what they believed was a call of God, they left the security of their positions, and with faith, determination, some divine intervention, and a little Ford F150 pickup truck Pete the Plumber was born.

With no customer base, no bank loans, and a promise from God that if they trusted Him and operated their business with honesty and integrity, He would bless them and take care of their needs. So full of hope and great expectation, Pete and Amy had some flyers printed up, recruited their son Zach’s help, packed the flyers into plastic hanger bags, and went to thousands of houses throughout Lebanon Ohio hanging them on doors and mail boxes.

As people started calling and jobs began coming in, Amy did the accounting, ran the office and answered the phones. Pete began to establish a reputation of honesty, integrity, hard work, and quality craftsmanship. Zach was also seen on many jobs during the summer as Pete’s first helper.

As business grew they traded in the pickup truck for a Ford E250 cargo van, much to Pete’s delight. Business continued growing enough that they began hiring plumbers, apprentices, and office help. If you call today Amy may still answer the phone or you may get Pete or our office person. If you drive by Pete the Plumber Inc.’s shop on Columbus Ave. some evening you’ll see 4 box trucks and the 2006 Ford van that made Pete’s life so much easier! 

As the business continues to grow they have never lost sight of the ideals that drove them from the beginning. They wanted Pete the Plumber Inc. to be a company that people would trust. They wanted their customers to feel confident and comfortable referring Pete the Plumber to family, friends, and neighbors. They have held on to the belief that if they treat people right, stay honest and upfront with pricing, don’t try to sell people something they don’t need, work hard and do quality work, business growth would take care of itself.